About Us

The four founders of Tahlequah Business Network walking and talking in front of a painted mural in Cherokee County.

Our mission statement

Tahlequah Business Network is an association of business owners and entrepreneurs coming together to network, share knowledge, and help local businesses grow and thrive.

Our Guiding Values

1. Always act and speak in the interest of our business community.
2. Provide some tangible value to other TBN members to improve business.
3. Always treat other members and founders of TBN as equals and with respect regardless of income, age, sex, religion, appearance, background, beliefs, status and/or hearsay.

How we got started

Our community is chock full of unbelievable talent and diverse businesses, but for a very long time our community members have expressed a desire for more local support for fellow business leaders and entrepreneurs.

For this reason, TBN was founded in 2017 by a group of concerned business owners who had a craving for fellowship and networking events in Cherokee County.

TBN is a non profit association that operates to provide weekly functions at various locations to help support and spotlight our local businesses.